Avocados from Mexico's boss told us why it was a no-brainer to return to the Super Bowl for a second time

Avocados from Mexico returned to the Super Bowl this year with a humorous spot that saw a group of aliens take a tour around a “Museum of Earthly Wonders” — packed with pop-culture relics like the blue and white/black and gold dress and “Happy Days” star Scott Baio.

The brand made its Super Bowl debut last year, which was a surprise hit. The “First Draft Ever” ad, starring former NFL stars Doug Flutie and Jerry Rice, received the most positive conversation online of all the ads aired, according to General Sentiment. The company says 140 million people watched the ad in total.

Not just that, Avocados from Mexico president Alvaro Luque told Business Insider that the debut Super Bowl ad coincided — or maybe even led to — the company’s highest ever peak in sales last year. Sales grew 35% in the year, which runs from July to June.

Luque said Avocados from Mexico’s highest peak throughout the year is the Super Bowl season, so it’s a no-brainer that the brand returned to advertising in Super Bowl 50 — despite the price tag reaching as much as $5 million for a 30-second spot.

“We know that during the Super Bowl people will be watching the game with chips, soda, beer, and guacamole,” he said. “It’s the biggest stage out there, and one thing we know for sure is it’s the only time of year where consumers are looking for the ads. Usually consumers are zapping through, but this is the only time the consumer gets excited about the ads.”

Luque said the brand’s biggest Super Bowl outlay this year has been on the TV spot itself, but he added that there will be a full digital program to help extend the campaign beyond game day — some of which will star Baio.

“We love Scott, he really relates to all of us and our generation who remember watching the big shows he was in. He was playful, funny, and really connects with people, which goes very well with our brand,” Luque said.

Last year’s Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl ad — “The First Draft Ever”:

The main goal of the campaign this year, which was created by ad agency GSD&M, is to keep appealing to a mass-market US audience. Luque said Avocados from Mexico is aiming to take a 80% share of the US market this year, up from 78% in 2015.

The ad, with its message that Avocados from Mexico are available all-year-round, should also serve to reassure consumers that the country is not on the brink of an avocado shortage — as had been reported last year.

Luque said there had been a “misunderstanding” about the potential avocado shortage. While areas such as California, which has been suffering from droughts, have had issues, Mexico does not have supply problems, he said.

Luque added: “Mexico represents 80% of the market in the US. We don’t have a supply problem and this year we will grow double digits. We still have a lot of room to grow from Mexico to other states in the US. Americans should not be concerned, we have them covered.”

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