Amazon is selling an avocado-shaped pool float with a removable pit

AmazonYou can now buy an avocado-shaped pool float for the summer.

Pool floats keep getting more unique every summer, and a newly-spotted find on Amazon is one of the tastiest-looking options yet.

Amazon is currently selling a pool float shaped like an avocado, and it even has a removable pit.

Pool float avoAmazonThe float has a removable pit.

There are a few different options available on Amazon, though this particular one by LetsFunny is one of the highest-rated with an overall four-and-a-half star rating based on 64 reviews.

Avocado pool floatAmazonThe pit can be used as a beach ball.

The best part about that removable pit? It’s basically a built-in beach ball.

Avocado pool floatAmazonCustomers have given it positive reviews so far.

Customers have given it mostly rave reviews so far, with people writing that “there’s enough back-rest space to lay comfortably” and that the shape is “too adorable.”

Another reviewer called it “the ultimate millennial pool float,” and wrote that they were “sad there is no toast float to go with it.”

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Avocado pool floattAmazonCustomers have praised the size and ‘adorable’ shape.

Though there may not be an inflatable toast-shaped float, there is a giant toast-shaped beach blanket by BigMouth Inc that seems to go perfectly with the avocado float.

Toast pool blanketAmazonThere’s also a toast-shaped beach blanket for avocado toast lovers.

Find out more about the LetsFunny Avocado Pool Float on Amazon.

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