Aviation authorities are urging Australians to keep drones away from Anzac Day events

Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has urged people to keep Anzac Day “drone free” this year.

The government body which regulates Australian aviation safety made a statement ahead of Anzac Day over fears that unmanned aerial vehicles could pose a risk to people on the ground if they crashed.

“Don’t fly your drone near #ANZAC Day events. Crowds, fly pasts and drones don’t mix. Keep ANZAC drone free,” CASA wrote on Twitter.

Current regulations prevent drones from flying within 30 metres of vehicles, buildings and other people or over heavily populated areas including beaches, parks and sporting venues.

Earlier this year, a drone crashed during a ceremony at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

“What people are trying to do of course is get good pictures of the Anzac Day events, and that’s understandable but they’ve got to understand there are some risks if they fly their drone around an ANZAC Day ceremony, it’s essential not to fly your drone on,” Peter Gibson from CASA told the ABC.

“It’s really important to follow these safety rules, they’re simple but they’re really important. People have got respect those regulations and indeed there are penalties if you breach those rules.”

In the past, drones have been widely used on Anzac Day to capture aerial shots of the ceremony and parade. Earlier this month, drones were used to capture footage of 70,000 red poppies that had been laid out in Terrigal, New South Wales.