How To Add Cool Filters To Your Photos Like A Pro, No Photoshop Experience Needed


[credit provider=”Aviary”]

Photo filters are incredibly popular these days thanks to apps like Instagram.Now Aviary, the super-simple web service for editing photos and adding effects or filters, is opening up its API to developers starting today.

Along with a new user-friendly website, Aviary’s API will give developers to take advantage of hundreds of special photo effects for their own apps.

We spoke to Aviary’s head of business development, Alex Taub the other day about the launch. He says he sees developers using the service for everything from dating sites (removing nasty pimples from your profile photo) to branding photos with watermarks in order to score local deals.

For the average user, Aviary is a great tool for quickly touching up your photos, even if you have no editing experience at all. There are hundreds of options, and you can even generate a series of different filters at the same time and select the one that works best for you.

Developers can get in on the action by signing up for Aviary’s API here.

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