Bathroom Poetry, 50 Birds And Branded Eggs: Inside The Offices Of Cloud-Photoshop Startup Aviary


Aviary, a site that started as Photoshop in the cloud and just released a photo API, is a small space with a lot of pizazz.

Located on 30th and 8th avenue in New York City, they rep their brand like nothing we’ve ever seen. 

Employees proudly wear Aviary shirts and sweatshirts to work, cartons of eggs are branded with their logo, and more than 50 birds line the lofted space.

From Aviary's office on 30th and 8th avenue, there's a great view of Madison Square Garden.

When you step off the elevator on the 11th floor, a pile of bikes and a massive bird cage welcome you.

An aviary bar light brightens up the entrance.

Alex Taub, Aviary's Head of Business Development, is our tour guide.

The pool table can be converted into a boardroom table.

A life-size charcoal bird was sketched over the game/boardroom door.

And another stands at least 10 feet high; it takes up the entire wall by the kitchen.

In fact, birds are everywhere. There are more than 50 in the three room office space.

This might look like your apartment living room, but it's where Aviaries blow off steam and battle each other in FIFA.

A phone booth that doesn't actually work is surrounded by a green shag rug and two bean bag chairs that look like giant dog beds.

Chuck Norris watches over the printer.

Aviary's marketing schwag is branded, plastic eggs (You know, because birds lay eggs?) They swear people like getting the gifts, which are delivered in cartons.

This strange poem threatens potential offenders on the bathroom door.

Here's where all of the Aviary people work when they're not playing FIFA or pool.

Michael Galpert, cofounder of Aviary, read that article about how sitting kills you. Now he has a standing desk.

So does Andrew Rudmann, Aviary's lead designer. With that daunting sign on the bathroom door, we doubt anyone will be stealing his computer stand/stash.

Iz Derdik, Aviary's CTO/cofounder, is working on Aviary's new Photo API. Another bird sits on Mo Boehm's (Aviary's Director of Architecture) desk.

Developers Alessandro Crugnola, Bruce Drummond, and Iz Derdik are busy coding away.

Avi Muchnick, Aviary's CEO/co-founder, sits with everyone else in the large open space.

Joe McCourt, Aviary's Effects Engineer, just knocked over his lego masterpiece. Whoops (Maybe the camera made him nervous?)

Head of Marketing Nam Nguyen, Project Manager Maya Prohovnik, Lead API Developer Ari Fuchs, and Joe McCourt have snuck up to Aviary's roof to enjoy spring.

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