Average Ticket Prices For All 30 Teams In The NBA

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The New York Knicks have the most expensive tickets in the NBA, with the average price of a non-premium seat costing $123.22 per game. The Los Angeles Lakers ($100.25) are the only other team with an average ticket price over $100.00. Data is based on research conducted by FanCostExperience.com.

The average (weighted) ticket price for a non-premium seat in the NBA is $50.99 per seat. However, 19 of the 30 teams have average ticket prices below that mark.

The Nets, who are playing their first season in Brooklyn, had the largest increase, jumping 50.8% to $55.89 per seat. Only three other teams (Clippers 15.1%, Rockets 11.3%, Timberwolves 10.5%) had an increase of at least 10%. On the other hand, eight teams had a decrease in their average price, with the Kings leading the way with a 10.1% drop in prices…

NBA Ticket prices

[credit provider=”FanCostExperience.com”]