Average Major League Baseball Salary Tops $3 Million For The First Time

The 912 players in the Major Leagues before rosters expanded in September averaged $3,014,572 in salary, up 0.6 per cent from the year before, the AP reports.

It was the first time the average salary rose above $3 million, but it was the smallest average increase since 2004.

Players can thank the New York Yankees for bringing up that average salary, as they doled out $7.6 million to the average Bomber. The frugal Pirates, on the other hand, paid just $1.1 million to its average player.

At the rate this offseason is heading, with five nine-figure salaries, and several Scott Boras clients seeking extensions – the average salary figures to balloon even further 2011.

Baseball has the second highest average salary in major North American professional sports. The average NBA player earns $5.8 million, while the average NHL salary is $2.4 million, and in the NFL it’s reported to be somewhere between $1.5 and $2 million.

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