MEET THE AVERAGE BRITISH FAMILY: Fish On Friday, 9 Hours Of TV And 1.6 Arguments A Week

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England used to be the standard bearer for all of Western civilisation. So how does the average Briton live today?A comprehensive study by consulting firm Alert Me found that most British families have three meals together in a week, including Fish & Chips Friday.

They also watch 9 hours of TV, do 5.3 loads of laundry and get into 1.6 arguments in a week.

More via Daily Mail:

Get up – 6.57am

Car – Silver Ford Focus

Number of cars – 1.5

House – Semi-detached on a main street

Holiday – 2 x 10 days in the UK 

Evening meals together – Three per week at 5.50pm 

Weekly shop – £76.02 

Weekly alcohol bill –  £12 

Entertainment i.e. DVD’s –  £15 

Best entertainment – Watching TV 

Favourite TV show – Dr Who 

Time spent watching TV –  9 hours per day 

Nights out with friends – Two per month 

Nights out as a couple – ‘Every few months’ 

Big family outing – Once a month 

Get home from work – 5.15pm 

Go to bed – 10.39pm

Arguments – 1.6 per week

Savings – £3,280

Mortgage – 53% have a mortgage and have paid off 32 per cent

Cash in wallet/purse – £10.31

Neighbours – Two that we speak to

Exercise – Two and half times a week

Home improvements – £559 in the last year

Wider family – Once a week gathering

Quality time together – Two hours per week

Breakfast – Twice a week as a family

Laundry – 5.3 loads per week

Chores – Four hours and 24 minutes, mother does most

Happiness – 80 per cent class themselves as ‘happy’

Wellbeing – 70 per cent claim they are ‘normal’