Here’s how the average Australian household spends all its money

Conor McGregor. Very much not the average Australian household. Picture: Getty Images

The Commonwealth Bank has a new research series measuring a range of behaviours and priorities in Australian households.

It’s called the Household Satisfaction Index, and it finds that while people were becoming more satisfied between when the research began in 2015 and last year, it has been tracking sideways since.

“Australian households tend to be of the ‘glass half-full’ variety when assessing their level of satisfaction,” said CBA chief economist Michael Blythe.

“Areas with low satisfaction scores include civic engagement, environment and education, so policies targeting improvement in those areas would help,” he said.

But the research sample also uses aggregate data from banking transactions to show how households spend their money, and the averages are broken down in the following chart. It shows the “average” household — and of course, there isn’t one — spends nearly as much on recreation as on food, and slightly more on communications than on alcohol.

For context: the average Australian household per the survey has 2.4 people, has a gross income of almost $90,000, and spends around $57,000 a year.

Here’s the breakdown: