An Aveo executive has resigned after being ousted as a serial public defecator


An Aveo executive has resigned after he was revealed as the public menace who had been repeatedly defecating on a property in Brisbane.

Andrew Douglas Macintosh, 64, was a national quality manager at the retirement village company and is also a board advisor for Brisbane City Council.

The Courier Mail published a photo of Macintosh, taken by residents who had caught him in the act. They claim it occurred on at least 30 occasions.

Aveo, which was unaware of the charges until yesterday, says it is “distressed and disappointed” by the alleged incidents and it will “continue to extend its support to Mr Macintosh for help that he may require.”

Macintosh, who had become known as the “poo jogger”, was charged with being a public nuisance for the incidents.

He faced court earlier this week where the charge was downgraded to an infringement notice, resulting in a $378 fine.

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