Avenue Capital's Marc Lasry Tells Investors What They Should Be Doing In Europe

Marc Lasry

Photo: www.daylife.com

Avenue Capital’s Marc Lasry just finished a panel at the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha Conference. He spoke about how investors should manage the low interest rates we’re seeing all over the planet.His answer: Head to places where people are nervous. And what’s the ultimate point of contention in today’s fiscal world? Europe. That’s where Lasry says you need to be.

“I think right there’s a number of areas… The biggest one is really Europe.  You can buy middle market loans and debt and generate pretty high returns,” he said.

And here’s what he says you should be doing:

“You want to buy loans from companies that are in Germany… in the U.K.” that banks are selling to raise capital.

Got it.

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