Here are the brands that appear the most in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

Avengers: Age of Ultron” is going to be one of the biggest films of the summer. The film has already made over $US643 million worldwide.

So it should come as no surprise a lot of brands are featured in the “Avengers” sequel.

We’re sure you noticed some of the big ones, but can you name all of the big brands featured in the film?

Concave Brand Tracking, a marketing company which tracks and analyses brands in entertainment content, recorded the top brands seen in the film.

Here are the top five brands in “Age of Ultron”:

1. Samsung

2. Audi

3. Under Armour

4. Harley-Davidson

5. Hummel

Concave points out that Hummel,a Danish sportswear company, hasn’t appeared in any top 10 US box office movie since 2003.

Samsung’s addition to the film shouldn’t come as a surprise since they have been a big marketing partner. The devices the Avengers use including Tony Stark’s see-through phone are all provided by the electronics company.

Tony stark see through phoneMarvelTony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) holds a see-through fictional phone from Samsung.

During a fight between the Hulk and Iron Man, the two are seen battling near a store with a giant Samsung logo.

Concave notes that Samsung replaced previous on-screen collaboraters including Dell and Apple to have about three minutes of airtime in the 141 minute film.

Audi vehicles are also seen heavily in the film. They’re driven by several characters throughout the film including Tony Stark in the film’s final scene and Hawkeye. You can also spot them in destruction scenes in the film such as the one below.

Audi has also appeared in two of this year’s other biggest films, “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Furious 7.

Captain America, Tony Stark, and new character Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) can be seen wearing Under Armour throughout the film.

Tony stark under armourMarvelTony Stark can be seen wearing Under Armour early in ‘Age of Ultron.’

A few other brands that make appearances include Beats, Adidas, Vans, Royal Purple, Korean Air, and John Deere. Bruce Banner wears a pair of Beats by Dre early in the film.

According to Concave, “Age of Ultron” has less brand marketing than previous Marvel movies. 2012’s “Avengers” and 2008’s “Iron Man” had 20% more brand exposure than “Ultron.”

Last year’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” has the most brand exposure of Marvel movies.

You can see Concave’s study here.

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