Here's Why 3D TV Will Flop: Avatar Is Making Us Sick

james cameron avatar

Is Avatar making you sick, nauseated, and achey?

According to a health column in the New York Times, many viewers say that Avatar and other 3-D movies are causing headaches, blurred vision and motion sickness.

Studies have a simple answer: Watching 3-D movies make your eyes dance around in all kind of weird ways, which causes eye strain and “sensory conflict.”

The Times says there might be no way to cure the 3-D sickness.

But film buffs who have sat through multiple screenings of “Avatar” say one trick is to avoid looking at unfocused parts of the scenes, which sounds a lot easier than it is.

Eventually, we’ll be watching so many 3-D movies that maybe our eyes will evolve. We’ll be able to watch them without pain. It really is the future!

Our advice for now? Take an Advil before you go see Clash of the Titans.

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