This Hilarious 4-Year-Old Girl Is Vine's Most Beloved Star

Meet Ava Ryan. She’s hilarious, she’s poignant, she’s honest — and she’s only 4-years-old. The tyke, who has yet to start Kindergarten, is Vine’s most beloved star. You’ll soon see why.

Little Ava, who found Vine fame when her mother Katie started recording her daughter’s adorable antics, is followed by almost 1 million people.

The Huffington Post reported on the toddler last year when she was only three, saying “When she’s not fielding calls from reporters, Ava is the constant companion of the family’s pug, Stella, who also makes cameos in several Vine videos.” Ava told her mum to tell The Huffington Post that “she loves dancing, the zoo, and going out to eat.”

At the time of that article, Ava had around 125,000 followers on Vine. Since then, she’s blown up into viral superstardom. She’s been the center of various Buzzfeed lists, like this recent one from reporter Lauren Yapalater who dubbed her the “Queen of Vine.” Or the list entitled “25 Times Ava Ryan from Vine embodied your soul.”

Katie told The Huffington Post that Ava has brought joy back into the Ryan family, after Katie’s sister, who was disabled, passed away when Ava was only a year and a half.

“I’ve seen my parents be so much happier, just through Ava being around,” Ryan said in The Huffington Post interview. “When my family was going through the darkest time, she was just there keeping everyone sane. It was something to be happy about even though we were facing a tremendous loss.”

Want proof that she is as adorable as everyone claims? Look no further.

“What are you thinking about?” Katie asks her daughter.


“Just go live your life and be single! Go to the boyfriend store, or be single!”

Katie titled this video “When You Just Need Some Alone Time”

She does a great impression of everyone’s Grandparents

“Fricking Google it, Mum.”

We’ve barely scratched the surface on Ava’s amazing repetoire of 6-second masterpieces.

Click here to see her entire Vine profile.

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