Autonation CEO Succumbs To Obama Derangement Syndrome: Says President Is Playing The Class Warfare Card To Divide America

Barack Obama Speech

Oh hey look! It’s another CEO outraged that Obama plans to raise taxes on the rich.

This time it’s Autonation CEO Mike Jackson who says on CNBC that the President is playing class warfare to divide Americans.

Apparently returning tax rates for the richest Americans to where they were prior to Bush — which actually we don’t think is a great idea — is class warfare.

All of these CEOs keep bashing Obama, which is fine, but it’s dumb, and reminds us of the way liberals became unglued during the Bush administration, convinced that he was bringing fascism to America. It was called Bush Derangement Syndrome.

In the end, these guys have a hard time making any substantive point about what the President has done so horribly, but whatever, when you start messing with their taxes, they’re going to cry bloody murder.

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