Autodesk Has Just Launched The First Ever 3D Printing Investment Fund - And It's Set To Be Worth $100 Million

A 3D printed prosthetic arm. Image: Oli Scarff / Getty Images.

The 3D printing industry is set for some major innovation now Autodesk, Inc. has launched the world’s first investment fund for the industry.

With plans to invest up to $100 million into entrepreneurs, startups and researchers pushing the acceleration of the new technology over the next several years, Autodesk hopes the fund will unlock 3D printing’s potential.

Samir Hanna, Autodesk’s vice president and general manager of Consumer Products and 3D Printing, said “the days of taking a closed, top-down approach to innovating for additive manufacturing are behind us”.

“Numerous industries recognise the value of tapping into entrepreneurs or startups with better ideas and approaches, and 3D printing is no exception.”

Companies and individuals in the 3D printing industry with big ideas and developing software will have to apply to become apart of the The Spark Investment Fund portfolio. If successful, not only will they receive funding but they will also become part of the Spark partner program and have access to marketing and other developer services.

In 2012, Business Insider US listed Autodesk as one of the hottest investment ideas on Wall Street due to its high foreign sales exposure. Two years on, Citi is saying the company’s 4D technology is set to utterly transform the world – watch this space.

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