Why Hooters Girls, Beauty Queens And Traders Took Over The NYSE Floor

Autism Speaks

Photo: Julia La Roche for Business Insider

More than a thousand young professionals, mostly from the financial services industry, filled the trading floor of the historic New York Stock Exchange last night for a huge charity event. Autism Speaks to Young Professionals (AS2YP) hosted its fourth annual summer gala at the Big Board and it was their biggest turn out, to date.  

The purpose of the event is to help educate, increase awareness and raise funds for Autism, a disorder that now affects 1 in 88 American children.  The event raised more than $90,000, which will go to fund research and advocacy efforts for the autism community.

AS2YP is a way for young professionals to get involved in charity early on and it also helps to educate the next generation of parents. 

We attended last night’s gala and it was beautiful.  And if you missed it, we’ve got all the photos you need right here.


(Left to Right) Sarah Nekhala, Kate Rodal, Nicole Pasello, Christine Honadel, Rachel Hilpot and Christina Incontro

(Left to Right) Cait Kelly, Mary Bustin, Rita Belitzky, Elana Lichtman, Jillian Kelly and Katherine Wegert

(Left to Right) Jessica Solloway, Alex Meis, Claire Corgan, Emily Van Nostrand and Thomas Lavender

(Left to Right) Matt Marty, Kraig DeViccaro, Eugene Schepansky and Serg Parker

We spotted some girls from Hooters New York City selling raffle tickets to raise funds.

(Left to Right) Chris Ryan, Jeremy Knox and Dale Ledbetter

Greg Boxer (AS2YP committee member) with Dan Farrell

(Left to Right) Emelie Ehn, Anna Kirkland, Sofia Homlquist, Lisa Holmquist and Aya Bouchedid

(Left to Right) Vince Veneziani (editor at Hedgeye Risk Management), Kevin Halupka (Director, Lime Brokerage) and Joe Lawler

Evan Taylor and Mike Mirman (John Thomas Financial)

Brothers Eric and Mike Mirman from John Thomas Financial

(Left to Right) Megan Newcomber, Patricia Hatch, Amanda Niederauer (daughter of NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer and AS2YP committee member), Laura O'Donnell and Lauren Macchiaverna

Greg and Randi Sandler. Greg works at a hedge fund and his wife Randi works for Deloitte.

Miss New York USA 2012 Johanna Sambucini made an appearance at the event. Her platform at the Miss USA competition was promoting Autism Speaks.

Miss New York Teen USA 2012 Sabrina Mastrangelo was there, too.

Some people posed for photo-ops with the beauty queens.

Here's committee co-chair Danny Ryan (a senior floor official/ managing director with E&J Securities) with the beauty queens.

And the other committee co-chair Jesse Morris. One reason he's passionate about raising awareness is because his quadruplet brother Paul is autistic. Morris is the co-founder of Street Smarts Media, a company that creates napkin advertisements and distributes them through proprietary delivery networks. They recently did a campaign for Autism.

G. Seynova and Phil Quartuccio (managing member at Illustro Trading and AS2YP committee member) Seynova works in men's clothing and his company is a supporter of AS2YP.

(Left to Right) John Tabacco (he lead the 'Occupy a Desk' movement), Nick Altieri, John Bostany and Teresa LeFevre-Casby

(Left to Right) Kit O'Connor, Guy Durand and John Bostany

Andrea Loren with Peter Kennedy, a market maker with Getco and the thought-leader behind the 'Working on a Dream' charity event at the NYSE.

(Left to Right) Eugene Kornel, Katie Murphy, Casey O'Meara, Elizabeth Yates, Bobby Pravetz and Steven Pravetz

(Left to Right) Ben Rosen, Margaux Rogers and Jesse Morris

(Left to Right) John Shaw, Kristine Drier and Ira Bell from cloud computing company Nimbo.

Kevin Halupka (director, Lime Brokerage) with Greg Gurevich (managing partner at Maritime Capital)

Sumita Sarina and Anend Narayan posing with some of the phones on the floor.

(Left to Right) Lauren Blake, Cara Hessels, Michael Marinelli, Jessica Hautline and Lauren Cervino

Brant Duber with Greg Boxer

Patrick Bardsley with Greg Sandler. Bardsley is the program director for Spectrum Designs, a company that employees people with Autism to make merchandise to promote awareness.

Stephanie Gay with Timothy Valz

Elisabeth Murphy with Emilie Gidley

The trading floor room at the NYSE was absolutely packed last night.

When guests arrived, they were given the Autism Speaks blue puzzle piece logo.

You may have noticed on television and in photos that many of the brokers on the floor wore the puzzle piece on their jackets. Autism is a cause that hits close to home for many of them.

Committee member Phil Quartuccio, managing member at Illustro Trading, told us that he wears these puzzle piece cuff links to raise awareness. 'Every time someone asks I take them off and give them to them,' he said, adding, 'It's a great way to raise awareness.'

Here are the DJs having some fun at the Knight Capital booth on the floor.

The event featured plenty of open bars around the exchange floor, too. Of course, all the fun was for a good cause.

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