Authorities are searching for a North Carolina teacher who disappeared in Mexico last month

Patrick Braxton-Andrew. findPBA/Facebook
  • In October, a North Carolina man disappeared in Mexico.
  • Patrick Braxton-Andrew, a Spanish teacher, was last seen Urique, Mexico, on October 28.
  • Braxton-Andrew’s family is working with the Mexican government to find their son.
  • They are also advocating for him on social media.

Authorities in Mexico are still searching for Patrick Braxton-Andrew, a Spanish teacher from Davidson, North Carolina, who disappeared in Mexico last month, the Associated Press reports.

Braxton-Andrew was last seen in Urique, Mexico, on October 28. He’d gone there to hike the Copper Canyon, and was heading to Mexico City to meet up with his brother to attend Day of the Dead celebrations.

Braxton-Andrew left for a walk in the afternoon and, according to hotel staff, never came back.

According to a statement from the state government of Chihuahua released Monday, searchers combed the village or Urique in search of the 34-year-old teacher, rappelling into 900-foot ravines and checking cabins, per the Associated Press.

In the search, they saw no sign of Braxton-Andrew.

This wasn’t the first effort to locate the teacher. Earlier this month, hundreds of police officers searched for Braxton-Andrew in Chihuahua.

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In addition to working with local authorities, Braxton-Andrew’s family has also created a Facebook page to keep family and friends updated on the search for the teacher and to streamline tips on his whereabouts.

On Sunday, neighbours and friends of the Braxton-Andrew’s family held a vigil at a park in Davidson. Braxton-Andrew’s friend Russell Miller read a statement from the family. “We truly believe that all of your thoughts, prayers and actions are also reaching Patrick and help to give him the strength he needs,” the message said.

The family of Patrick Braxton-Andrew didn’t immediately respond to INSIDER’s request for comment.


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