What's Happening

Pakistani military allegedly hacked phones belonging to US, UK, and Australian officials and diplomats

A Chinese-Australian billionaire funded UN bribes investigated by the FBI, an Australian politician alleges

A bullet was sent to the home of Malaysia's top anti-corruption official investigating a former prime minister -- and now he's back to finish what he started

China's social credit system has blocked people from taking 11 million flights and 4 million train trips

A school in China is monitoring students with facial recognition technology that scans the classroom every 30 seconds

Police seized 72 designer handbags stuffed with foreign cash from Malaysia's former prime minister as part of investigation into a global financial scandal

Police raided 5 properties linked to Malaysia's allegedly corrupt ex-prime minister a week after he was defeated by his former mentor

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is shooting out 'ballistic blocks' three times larger than bowling balls

The FBI is 'deeply concerned' about espionage from companies like Chinese tech giant ZTE as Trump tries to lift sanctions on them

The 10 most important things in the world right now

Malaysia's jailed leader-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim has been released from custody

The Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii triggered the state's highest-level warning, indicating it could become 'more explosive'

Four major airlines quietly changed their references to Taiwan -- and it shows just how much power China has over foreign companies

Malaysia's new prime minister will no longer step aside for jailed colleague and expects to soon lay charges against his allegedly corrupt predecessor

China successfully influenced an Australian council to paint over students' flags of Taiwan

Gap is the latest US company to apologise to China, but at the same time it's quietly protesting

The ousted Malaysian government pressured Air Asia to cancel 120 flights to stop people voting in a historic election

Trump wants to end a trade ban on ZTE, the Chinese company that reportedly had an entire department devoted to paying foreign bribes

The first aircraft carrier China has built is now undergoing sea trials

It doesn't matter what happens at Trump's Singapore meeting with Kim Jong Un -- the North Korean leader already won

The Americans freed from North Korea gave Trump his best chance to tackle his biggest challenge yet, but he'll have to get out of his own way first

In a historic election, Malaysia's allegedly corrupt prime minister lost to his 92-year-old former mentor who ran on behalf of a man he put in jail

3 US prisoners freed from North Korea release a joint statement thanking Trump for 'bringing us home'

An army of volunteers who mobilized on Facebook raced around the world to hand-carry Malaysian election votes to the ballot box

NSW is 'reviewing' its relationship with China's controversial Confucius Institute over fears of covert foreign influence

A US-funded think tank dropped a speaker working for China's secretive overseas influence arm, which shows how the nation is struggling to deal with foreign interference

Take a look at the letter China's aviation authority sent to 36 foreign airlines that the White House called 'nonsense'

Xi Jinping's one-time political rival will now spend the rest of his life in prison

Hillary Clinton is sounding the alarm on China's efforts to interfere covertly with Australian politics

North Korea thumps the US for thinking sanctions drove its denuclearization pledge, and says the suggestion could take peace talks 'back to square one'

Kim Jong Un received a USB drive from South Korea's president with a blueprint for connecting North Korea with the world

White House slams China's 'Orwellian' demand that 36 foreign airlines change references to Taiwan

China wants to dictate how foreign companies refer to Taiwan -- this is how every major airline is responding

Housing prices along China's border with North Korea have skyrocketed since Kim Jong Un's visit to Beijing

China is pressuring Qantas to copy its political views

A chilling story about Chinese pressure in Australia shows how far Beijing will reach to silence critics

The Chinese government confirmed that it can access deleted WeChat conversations -- and people are terrified

One of Taiwan's largest diplomatic partners just cut them off -- and chose China instead

China is monitoring employees' brain waves and emotions -- and the technology boosted one company's profits by $417 million

Australia has sent aircraft to monitor North Korean sanction breaches in the open seas

An Australian university was evacuated when a pungent fruit was mistaken for a gas leak

North and South Korea agree to pursue signing a peace treaty

Kim Jong Un went off script during his meeting with the South Korean president -- and that could have big implications for Trump

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: I don't want to repeat history where we're unable to fulfil our agreements

Here's the moment Kim Jong Un made history by stepping into South Korea

The historic summit between South Korea and North Korea is being planned down to the millimetre -- this is everything we know so far

China quietly pulled a propaganda film celebrating its tech giants days after the US sanctioned one of them -- and it could be troubling news for Huawei

An Australian defence official reportedly confirmed China's desire for increased military presence in the South Pacific

Sexist job ads discriminate against women in China -- even specifying applicants' required height, weight, and facial structure

Chinese cities wanting peace and quiet are using acoustic cameras to catch honking drivers