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Here are the Tomahawk missiles the US fired at Syria in joint strikes with the UK and France

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2 US Army soldiers killed in Apache helicopter crash at Fort Campbell

John Bolton reportedly promised Trump 'he wouldn't start any wars' as national security adviser

Saudi Arabia's crown prince is reportedly hiding his mother from the king and is making up bizarre excuses to explain her disappearance

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Rex Tillerson is skipping Israel on a massive tour of the Middle East, and it's looking more and more like a mistake

Trump just doubled down on a big change to Israel policy and confirmed Jerusalem is 'off the table'

Israeli-Arab lawmakers were forcibly removed after protesting Mike Pence's big speech to Israel's parliament

Benjamin Netanyahu noticeably didn't applaud a key part of Mike Pence's big speech to Israel's parliament

Trump now says Jerusalem is 'off the table'

2 of Trump's top advisers are reportedly locked in a 'death struggle'

Saudi Arabia's power-hungry crown prince sent a proxy to buy a $450 million Leonardo da Vinci painting

Trump slightly misquotes FDR's famous speech and Melania cites the wrong date on the anniversary of Pearl Harbour

Trump announces US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, will move embassy from Tel Aviv

This photo from 2010 shows just how much the Arab world has changed

Saudi Arabia is asking some royals and businessmen caught up in corruption crackdown to pay 70% of their wealth in return for their freedom

Inside the rapid rise and unprecedented power grab of Saudi Arabia's millennial crown prince

Lebanon's prime minister is reportedly leaving Saudi Arabia and heading to France

Inside the rapid rise and unprecedented power grab of Saudi Arabia's millennial crown prince -- who Trump is about to meet with

Trump and Rex Tillerson had starkly different responses to Saudi Arabia's corruption crackdown

It looks like Saudi Arabia removed Lebanon's prime minister -- and it may be the first move in starting a war

It increasingly looks like Lebanon's prime minister is being held against his will by Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has detained more than 200 detained in an anti-corruption purge that touched $100 billion

An unprecedented power grab by Saudi Arabia's crown prince could remake the Middle Eastern kingdom

Trump tweets his support for the massive upheaval in Saudi Arabia, says those arrested have been 'milking' the country for years

The Texas shooter reportedly killed his wife's grandmother in the church massacre

The Texas shooter sent threatening text messages to his mother-in-law who attended the church

Saudi Arabia had a tumultuous weekend that totally upended the Middle Eastern kingdom

Netflix fires Kevin Spacey from 'House of Cards'

Niger officials are disputing the US's version of the raid that killed 4 American soldiers

GOV. CUOMO: Suspect in New York terror attack was 'radicalized domestically'

Netanyahu reportedly asked Trump to let Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard immigrate to Israel

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Israel appears to be listening to Trump and making a move that could destroy peace talks

A top House Republican is reportedly about to resign

A grieving military father says Trump offered him $25,000 after his son was killed and didn't follow through

Israel won't negotiate with a reconciled Palestinian government unless Hamas does the one thing they can't do

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UNC used an insane slide to defend fake classes for athletes

Frat boys may have helped save UNC athletics from any NCAA sanctions over its academic scandal

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