Paul Colgan

Paul is publisher and editor-in-chief at Business Insider Australia. He has been a journalist for 20 years, with his career spanning news and investigative features for the Ireland edition of The Sunday Times to a decade at News Corp Australia.

He was a founding editor of news and political commentary website The Punch and later editor of News Corp’s biggest Australian website, He has led online coverage of five Australian federal elections and major news events ranging from the Beijing Olympics to the Queensland floods and the killing of Osama bin Laden.

He was later network digital news director, running News Corp Australia’s online coverage of major national and international news events.

In 2013 Paul launched Business Insider in Australia, which now reaches more than a million people a month in the domestic market, according to Nielsen Online Ratings. Australia was the first overseas edition of Henry Blodget’s New York-based publication and in 2014 was named Business Website of the Year at the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards.
Paul holds a degree in English and Classical History from University College Dublin, a Masters in Journalism, and a postgraduate qualification in management from the Australian Graduate School of Leadership. In his spare time he enjoys rock music, decent food, and watching rugby, especially when the Wallabies play Ireland.

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