Narayanan Somasundaram

Narayanan Somasundaram has been a journalist for 15 years with his career spanning news and features for two of the world’s biggest news organisation—Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

He started out as a journalist in a small city in South India and has worked his way through to Sydney via Bangalore and Mumbai.

Narayanan led coverage of Australian banks and fund managers at both Reuters and Bloomberg where he broke a string of stories across asset sales by banks, executive movements and regulatory changes. He also covered the frothy Australian real estate with a series of features that underscored the build-up of risk in the nation’s property market.

He has also had stints as a mergers and acquisition reporter both in Mumbai and Sydney and as a foreign exchange and bonds reporter in Sydney, where he kicked off coverage of global markets amid Brexit, the shock U.S. election win for Donald Trump and the European Central Bank taper tantrum.
Narayanan holds a degree in commerce and accountancy and a Masters in journalism. Narayanan enjoys his weekly game of tennis, Indian classical music, watching Formula1, MotoGp and cricket when the series pits Australia vs India.

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