Cam Wilson

Cam Wilson

Cam Wilson is a reporter for Business Insider. Prior to this, he worked as a reporter at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and BuzzFeed.

Cam covers the intersection of tech, internet culture and business in Australia.

He tweets at @cameronwilson and you can email him at [email protected]

What's Happening

The ASX has welcomed the first ever Australian ETF for professional video games, which hopes to capitalise on the growth of esports worldwide

Australia's advertisers have updated their code of ethics to ban gender stereotypes and make influencers disclose sponsored content

TikTok has launched its first ever major ad campaign in Australia on the back of news it will dodge a US ban

Australian police are using social media to rebel against orders to stop wearing ‘Thin Blue Line’ symbols, which have been linked to right-wing extremism

Only a quarter of Australians think tech companies are doing enough to keep them safe online, according to a new report

What do you think about gig workers' conditions? The Victorian Government wants to know

'Good memes are hard to come by': Meet the Australians making money off Instagram meme accounts

Pete Evans' publisher has defended its decision to publish his latest cookbook, as the controversial celebrity chef continues to promote conspiracy theories

High school students are buying study notes from Facebook groups, where sellers compete by sharing their ATARs and slickly-designed samples

The number of Australians livestreaming has doubled during 2020 — but not all generations are tuning in

Australia's top TikTok users are trying to safeguard their huge followings by encouraging them to experiment with other platforms, as Trump's sale deadline looms

The Australian government will spend $1.7 billion to lock in the supply and production of 2 COVID-19 vaccines — but they have to pass trials first

Scott Morrison's plan to reopen state borders by Christmas has been quashed after National Cabinet failed to agree on a definition of 'hotspot'

Influencers are more effective than people realise, according to a new report on Australian's social media habits

A 'Married at First Sight' star had an Instagram sponsorship offer pulled after she shared COVID-19 conspiracy content from Pete Evans

The ACCC has lashed out at Facebook over its threat to ban news for Australian users, calling it 'ill-timed and misconceived'

Some Australians are making careers out of broadcasting themselves playing online pokies, calling themselves ‘casino streamers’

'Influencers as a service': How a new acquisition could supercharge Australia's influencer marketing industry

The value of Australia's second hand economy swelled to $46 billion this year, as half of Aussies say they're buying used goods to save for bills

The ASX is warning people not to fall for fake or misleading investment news, as users report seeing hoax articles circulate on social media

Amazon for the Apple Isle? Tasmania wants to set up its own branded marketplace on the e-commerce giant

Google is trying to conscript YouTubers in its fight with Australia's consumer watchdog — but not all creators are onboard

Australians have more than 37 million subscriptions to entertainment services – and that number is set to skyrocket

'One outbreak affects a whole community': Restaurants say being identified as a COVID-19 hotspot hurts business, but their customers are rallying around them

Australian creators will now be able to charge people to watch their livestreams on Facebook, as the pandemic forces people to take their business online

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many sex workers to go online. But creators say platforms like OnlyFans aren't as easy as they seem.

'I was thinking about the future of fitness': Australian influencers are using subscription fitness apps to monetise their huge online followings

Australia's top politicians have seen a 'coronavirus bump' on Facebook, growing their collective following by more than a million since February

Facebook's TikTok copycat Instagram Reels is now available in Australia

The ACCC says influencers must disclose when they post sponsored content – but admits it has never penalised anyone for breaking the rules