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Business Insider is hiring a paid intern to write about cars, planes, and the future of transportation

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The all-new Jeep Wrangler is finally here

American Airlines is facing a 'crisis' after computer glitch leaves thousands of Christmas week flights without a pilot

A pair of Boeing 747 jumbo jets just sold on a Chinese website for $48 million

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The pregnant woman who was dragged off a plane by police disputes Southwest Airline's account of what happened

The woman who was forcibly dragged by police from a Southwest Airlines flight is now facing multiple charges

Tesla could have millions of cars on the road by 2023 -- taking a huge lead in the self-driving car race

Porsche's stunning Tesla rival will arrive in 2019 and cost $US85,000

Mercedes' new all-electric concept car shows just how serious the company is about taking on Tesla

Tesla is set to reveal its first electric big-rig truck in October -- here's everything we know

There is crazy flight traffic over Florida as airlines hurry to get people out before Hurricane Irma arrives