This Writer Was Caught Using A Photo From A Revlon Hair Extensions Ad As Her Author Headshot

There is a thriving self-published author community on Amazon, and they are not too happy with romance writer “Elizabeth Nelson.”

Here’s a photo compilation from satirist Andrew Shaffer, comparing her now-deleted Amazon photo with a photo fellow author Cyndi Aleo tipped him off to:

A Google image search using the photo file reveals that after it was used to advertise Revlon hair extensions, it became an online stock photo of sorts.

After tweeting out the comparison on Tuesday, Shaffer and Aleo attracted nonstop attention from their e-book writing followers. Some examples:

Without responding, Nelson removed the photo from her Amazon page and changed her bio. She deleted her personal Facebook page but kept her commercial page, as well as her Twitter and personal website, which each feature the Revlon pic. Here’s her Twitter bio, complete with outrageous erotica background:

Nelson twitterTwitterNo word on where that cover photo came from…

It turned out that many other authors had a problem with Nelson, who has been accused of plagiarism. The summary of her new, free e-book “Trinity (The Executive’s Affair)” is almost word-for-word taken from the description of “Billionaire Bodyguard,” which Kristi Avalon published last year.

What makes the whole thing more suspect is that Nelson published 10 full-length books in November, and her publisher’s site does not function.

It’s free and easy to publish an e-book to Amazon’s Kindle marketplace, and Amazon receives a portion of the book’s royalties. Authors offer free e-books to build their brand.

Amazon has yet to step in regarding the Nelson scandal, but writers are taking it upon themselves to police the situation:

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