'Authenticity' In Advertising: The Worst Kind Of Fake?

In the world of advertising today, “authenticity” has become one of the most prevalent buzzwords on the lips of marketing execs. With a world of media savvy consumers able to easily see through thinly-veiled marketing ploys, many advertisers are currently struggling to create work that will strike the viewer as having that ring of realness that can connect a consumer to a brand. But when intentions and brand message are completely at odds, one insincerity is exchanged for another that’s arguably worse. Johan Liedgren, a filmmaker, commercial director and brand consultant, wrote this open letter as a satirical response to a request to produce “authentic” looking commercials. The acerbic letter serves as potent reminder – of which all companies should perhaps take heed – that authenticity and marketing are best treated like church and state. Authenticity deployed without sincerity might be the gravest form of fake.

Authenticity in Advertising Letter

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