Australia's Working Worried: We Don't Feel Valued By Our Bosses

Getty/ Dan Kitwood

As a nation we are feeling higher levels of stress and anxiety than we were two years ago, according to a survey run by the the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

After questioning 1548 people, 999 of whom are employed, the overall workplace issues identified were a lack of feedback, unclear expectations and not feeling valued, reports The AAP.

APS executive director Professor Lyn Littlefield says temporary stress can be a useful motivator but heightened and extended levels is where the problem lies.

“Feedback should be regular and should be both formal and informal. Not just once a year at a performance review,” Littlefield told The AAP.

The Society, which has released the result from the survey in conjunction with National Psychology Week, hopes the findings will influence people to reassess their mental health and improve national wellbeing.

You can find out more about The 2013 APS survey results and National Psychology Week here.

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