The best paid tradies in Australia

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Plumbers in Perth are still the most expensive in Australia despite the downturn in mining shrinking wages, bringing down house prices and creating fewer jobs.

In Western Australia, plumbers are charging an average of $87.67 per hour which, while down 9.5% since last year, is still the top of the heap nationally.

Elsewhere in Australia, the average cost of a plumber is about the same at $78.40 an hour, up just 1.9%, as it was a year ago.

The entry mark into the 2016 Tradie Rich List is $68.58/hour, down 7.6% on last year.

The annual list is based on 52,000 quotes submitted through the website in the third quarter of 2016 compared to the same three months a year ago.

On average a tradesmen earns $60.88 per hour, a slight rise of 0.3% on last year.

New South Wales has the wealthiest builders at $77.85 an hour, a rise of 27.7%, and Queensland has expensive landscape gardeners at $70.57 but about 10% cheaper than last year.

And in Sydney, flooring is work to avoid. It recorded an almost 20% drop in hourly rates to $38.48.

“Like many industries it’s all about how complex the work is and where you work,” says Jeremy Levitt, CEO of

Tradie Rich List 2016, with average rates per hour:

    1. WA Plumbers $87.67
    2. WA Electricians $87.33
    3. NSW Builders $77.85
    4. NSW Plumbers $77.42
    5. VIC Plumbers $77.03
    6. QLD Electricians $75.23
    7. WA Builders $71.52
    8. QLD Landscapers $70.57
    9. VIC Electricans $68.68
    10. QLD Plumbers $68.58