Australia's tallest building is coming to Sydney's west

Aspire Tower, Parramatta. Source: Grimshaw Architects.

Sydney’s western business hub looks set to host Australia’s tallest building after the New South Wales government agreed to remove building height limits, paving the way for the 90-storey, 336-metre high skyscraper.

Aspire Tower is part of a six-stage redevelopment of three hectares of land in Parramatta, 25km west of Sydney’s CBD, dubbed Parramatta Square, by the city’s council, which sought removal of the height restrictions.

NSW planning minister Rob Stokes said the removal of any height limit “will herald the creation of a modern architectural skyline, defining Parramatta’s role as Western Sydney’s capital”.

Designed by Grimshaw Architects, who are responsible for 333 George Street in Sydney and the Melbourne Metro, as well as being joint-venture architects on Southern Cross Station, Aspire Tower will house 700 residential apartments, a 150-room hotel, bars, restaurants and retail, as well as a viewing deck on the top two floors at 300m. It’s the council’s preferred design for the site.

Aspire Tower, looking towards Sydney’s CBD from Parramatta. Source: Grimshaw Architects.

Grimshaw says the design “consciously orientates itself to the wind and to sunlight”.

“The highly adaptable facades accommodate all of the various planning arrangements of apartment type into a modular system. The tower’s striking sculptural form twists upwards from its Church Street alignment to maximise the capture of the sun, the breeze and northern views for its residents.”

The building’s roof line is at 306m, making it eclipse the current record holder, Melbourne’s 92-storey Eureka Tower at 297m, while Australia’s tallest building is Q1 on the Gold Coast at 322.5m, with a roof height of 245m. Aspire Tower’s spires will climb another 30m to 336m, making it Australia’s tallest building.

Parramatta City Council is looking to appoint a developer for the site shortly and approval for a final design will involve negotiations with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority about the height of the building.

Here’s the council’s take on how it views the residential development.

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