Australian Special Forces Will Start Heading Into Iraq

Getty/Brendon Thorne

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott just confirmed Australian Special Forces will starting heading into Iraq.

Following a meeting with US President Barack Obama at the APEC Summit in Beijing, Abbott confirmed the deployment.

Australia has sent 200 Special Forces troops to the Middle East but they have been waiting for formal approval from the Iraqi government to enter the country for the non-combat mission.

Calling the fundamentalist IS group a menace to the world, Abbott said, “It is important to respond strongly, which is what the US-led coalition is doing.”

“They’ve declared war on the world and it’s good that the president, working with the Iraqi government, has assembled a strong coalition to assist the Iraqi government to respond effectively and ultimately to regain control over its own territory,” he said.

“Our priority at the moment is getting our special forces into Baghdad and then into the field on the advise and assist mission that we’ve set them.

“That’s happening and I’m confident that our people will do good work.”

Abbott is due back in Australia for the G20 meeting in Queensland on Friday.

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