‘Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian’, Xavier Rudd, has given his voice to a KFC ad

Picture: Getty Images

‘Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian’, Xavier Rudd, has some explaining to do.

It’s taken just over a week for fans of the popular Australian singer and noted PETA supporter to realise its his song “Let Me Be” is currently the soundtrack to a KFC commercial.


Maybe if he’d answered their concerns, all would be well. But Rudd is refusing to reply to any queries on his Facebook page, and now some fans are claiming their comments are being deleted.


Rudd was voted “Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian” by PETA in 2008. He told them in a video interview at the time:

“My biggest problem with society now is the mass production and no one even considering all those lives that are being factory farmed for human greed.”

Rudd claims he became a vegetarian after passing California’s largest factory farm, Harris Ranch, during a US tour.

In 2009, he was given a Sea Shepherd “Rock the Boat” award for his work in supporting the anti-whaling activists.

Here’s the ad: