Australia's Retirees Are The Poorest In The Region. Here's The Top 10 Countries For The Good Life

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Australia ranks 13th in the world for at looking after its older members of society.

The Global AgeWatch Index ranks 96 nations on the basis of the quality of life and social and economic wellbeing of older people, or those over 60.

Australia performs best in the capability index (2), with a high rate of educational attainment among older people for its region (92.4%).

It also ranks high in health, with values above the regional average on all health indicators.

In the capability domain it ranks at 26, with values below the regional averages for the perception of safety (58%) and satisfaction with public transport (55%).

However, Australia has the lowest ranking (61) in its region for income security and the highest old-age poverty rate in the region (35.5%).

It also has below average pension income coverage (83%) and relative welfare rates (65%) compared to other countries in this region.

And Australia ranks below New Zealand, which just makes it to the top 10.

Professor Asghar Zaidi, from the Centre for Research on Ageing at the University of Southampton, says the index points to a mismatch between advances in longevity and a lag in the evolution of policies that empower older people.

“Societies have been slow to embrace the positive aspects of longevity and to see older people as a resource that, in the right circumstances, can repay investment with extended working careers as well as more self-reliant, healthy and independent living,” he says

The Global AgeWatch Index recognises that income, health, personal capabilities and an enabling social environment are all important factors of the well being of older citizens.

The latest index results shows Norway is the best place for older people, alongside Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.

Globally, the number of over-60s by 2050 will be 21% of the global population (currently 12%).

These are the top 20:

1. Norway
2. Sweden
3. Switzerland
4. Canada
5. Germany
6. Netherlands
7. Iceland
8. United States
9. Japan
10. New Zealand
11. United Kingdom
12. Denmark
13. Australia
14. Austria
15. Finland
16. France
17. Ireland
18. Israel
19. Luxembourg
20. Estonia

And this chart shows how Australia performs against other developed countries:

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