Australia’s Prime Minister Was Fighting The Bushfires Himself Over The Weekend

Source: Twitter

New South Wales is fighting its worst bushfires in a decade.

And Australia’s Prime Minister took them on.

Since 2001 Tony Abbott has been a member of the Davidson volunteer Rural Fire Brigade.

At the weekend he joined his crew for an overnight back-burning operation, working shoulder-to-shoulder with other volunteers between 6pm Saturday and 8am Sunday.

According to The Australian, his office only issued a statement confirming Abbott was out fighting the fires once pictures begun circulating on social media.

The Prime Minister is also a volunteer lifesaver, and had said before the election that he did not intend to give up his community service if he won.

Photo: Twitter

Since the pictures emerged critics have said Abbott was just posing, though his bridge captain told The Australian last month this wasn’t why the PM was in the service.

“Anyone who bags him for pulling on the uniform and thinks it is a picture opportunity, I would suggest they do the course and join the brigade and come and see what we do.”

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