Australia's Piracy Problem Explained In Six Slides

Malcolm Turnbull spoke to attendees of the Online Copyright Infringement Forum in Sydney on Tuesday

During this week’s Online Copyright Infringement Forum in Sydney, Malcolm Turnbull presented a range of slides which depict Australia’s ongoing content piracy problems.

The forum was held to provide an update on the Australian government’s plan to legislate and enforce tougher anti-piracy laws against perpetrators and ISPs.

“We don’t imagine we can eliminate it [piracy] completely,” Australian Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull said, according to Gizmodo Australia.

Turnbull’s slides present a pretty good indication of Australia’s current internet piracy problems but keep in mind the data has been assembled by the Department of Communications.

Check out the slides below.

Where are we at today in terms of global piracy?

Australia was responsible for almost 12 per cent of all illegal downloads of Game of Thrones season four in 2014

Access, availability and pricing comparisons between Australia and the United States

Do we want a one-size-fits-all or flexible approach to ISPs?

Would a split cost system, as in the UK and US, work in Australia?

Do injunctions against pirating websites work?

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