Australia's Parliament House is boosting security with a $20 million upgrade

Photo: Andrew Sheargold/ Getty Images.

Parliament House in Canberra is planning to increase electronic security and surveillance capabilities with a $20 million upgrade.

The measures will include a revamp of current IT systems as well as the replacing electronic safe keys, security alarms and improving lock capabilities and notification systems, Fairfax reports.

Parliament House will also upgrade visitor management systems to cater for the 890,000 visitors to the site each year.

Earlier in March this year, Parliament House called for $3 million worth of security upgrades including fencing and window reglazing for better protection of the Prime Minister’s office and ministerial wing of Parliament House.

The “perimeter security enhancements” aimed at bolstering security included a 2.6-metre-tall fence at the south-western end of the building, including new windows, bollards and a new gatehouse.

Last year, a special security briefing was held at Parliament House following revelations that law enforcement and intelligence officials picked up on “chatter” pertaining to a possible terrorist attack on Parliament House.

Security was handed over to Australian Federal Police commanders and superintendents while guards were tasked with the patrol of Parliament House corridors and exteriors.

MPs were presented with a range of recommendations such as whether the glass should be bulletproofed as well as being asked to “keep their blinds closed so as not to present a line of sight”, one MP told Business Insider at the time.

“There are people who like to go jogging on their lunch breaks and we were told to be cautious when exercising and walking in and around the building.

“What’s next? Are they going to shut up our offices completely?”

It is understood that there will be “control and lockdown points” throughout Parliament House with security upgrades to begin in November later this year.

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