Australia’s online shopping growth is picking up again

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Online shopping grew strongly in February, with sales up 1.7% in February compared to 0.3% in January.

The NAB Online Retail Sales Index result shows faster growth than that recorded in February 2014 (0.2%).

Online sales are now 8.7% higher compared to a year ago.

The NAB estimates Australians spent $16.7 billion on online retail in the 12 months to February 2015, equivalent to 6.9% of spending at traditional bricks and mortar retailers.

Here’s how growth in online shopping compares to traditional bricks and mortar shopping:


All categories of online shopping for February, except daily deals and personal goods, recorded growth.

Although Electronic Games and Toys still represent a small share of spend, growth in this segment continued to outpace other categories. However this category, along with Department and Variety Stores, and Media recorded a slower growth than January.

Groceries and Homewares saw higher monthly growth compared to January. Fashion was subdued.