Australia's one-armed bricklaying robot is up for an award

Laying a brick. Supplied

Fastbrick Robotics, creators of the robot which can build a house faster than any human brickie, has been selected as a finalist in the WA Innovator of the Year.

The program, run by the office of the Government Chief Information Officer, provides support to innovators and entrepreneurs across Western Australia.

The ASX-listed Fastbrick Robotics is in the Emerging Innovation Category award for its work with the Hadrian 105 technology demonstrator and the Hadrian X commercial prototype design.

“To be nominated for this award is a great honour, and it validates the work Fastbrick is doing to revolutionise the construction industry,” says CEO Mike Pivac.

The winners of the WA Innovator of the Year awards will be announced November 2.

Here’s the robot prototype, Hadrian 105, at work:

Fastbrick Robotics is currently building a bigger model, the Hadrian X, which will be able to lay enough bricks to build a house in two days.

It will have a capacity to lay up to 1,000 standard brick equivalents an hour via a 30 metre boom, with everything being delivered to a building site on the back of a truck.

That is double the daily output of a top bricklayer in just one hour.

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