Australia's 10 most valuable brands for 2018

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Telstra has retained its position for the third year in a row as Australia’s most valuable brand.

Brand Finance, which today released its Australian top 100 list, calculates that the brand value of Australia’s biggest telco rose by 13.6% to $US12.4 billion over the last year.

“Telstra’s brand continues to perform impressively across a number of brand attributes,” says Mark Crowe, Managing Director of Brand Finance Australia.

The strength of the brand is in contrast to the overall decline in Telstra’s market value of 21%, highlighting the ever increasing importance of the brand in the organisation’s business strategy and reputation.

“Telstra is also reaping the benefits of its customer focused investments in the next generation of networks,” says Crowe.

However, on a world scale Australia is small with Telstra is ranked at just 120th in the Global 500 ranking.

Amazon, whose value jumped 42% to $US150.8 billion over the last year, is now the world’s most valuable brand, ahead of Apple, up 37% to $US146.3 billion, and Google, up 10% to $US120.9 billion, according to the latest Brand Finance Global 500 report.

Nine Australian brands made the Global 500 ranking in 2018, up from eight last year with the addition of Optus at 457th globally. Optus, up 19% to $US3.9 billion) is the ninth most valuable Australian brand, with brand value growth mainly driven by strong customer brand equity.

Here are the top 10 Australian brands, as ranked by Brand Finance :

Source: Brand Finance

The four major banks feature prominently in the top 10 as do the big miners, BHP and Rio Tinto, and the supermarket chains.

The Wooloworths brand, which was ranked Australia’s number one from 2009 to 2015, added 11% in value to $US7.1 billion. It slipped from ranking second in 2016 to being the 5th in 2017 but is edged up again to fourth and Australia’s most valuable retail brand.

In the mining sector, BHP’s brand value was up 29% to $US5.1 billion helped by a comprehensive rebranding exercise in 2017. In addition to becoming the world’s largest mining brand, BHP achieved the highest increase in brand value of 29% among the top 10 Australian brands.

“BHP’s rebranding campaign with a back to heritage theme has paid off with a very impressive increase in brand value to not only being ranked 8th in Australia, but also the number one mining brand in the world,” says Crowe.

As well as measuring total brand value, Brand Finance also measures brand strength, analysing a brand’s performance on intangible measures, relative to its competitors.

The Commonwealth Bank has remained Australia’s strongest brand and is also the most valuable Australian banking brand with an AAA rating.

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