Australia’s most famous underwear maker’s new ad is just nuts

A scene from the new ad. Source: Bonds

Bonds is celebrating 100 years in 2015, but as the Pacific Brands-owned underwear maker looks to remain relevant to a younger audience, it’s ditching its wholesome image for a more edgy approach to its marketing.

Gone are wholesome Chesty Bond-style ambassadors like Pat Rafter and Sarah Murdoch, replaced by tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios (before they parted ways after just three months – admitting he doesn’t wear underwear could be one explanation why), and controversial tattooed rapper Iggy Azalea.

The advertising has also become more provocative, with 2013’s ‘boobs’ campaign one of the year’s most complained about ads. While another recent complaint about a mid-year sale ad was dismissed by the Advertising Standards Board.

Now Bonds have hit men wear it hurts in a new ad for men’s underwear titled ‘The Boys’.

It features two talking testicles, played by comedy duo Kai Smythe and Tim Mager, who spot a woman and start talking to the brain about the “opportunity”.

The brain explains he’s busy giving a boardroom presentation.

One frustrated testicle says “this guy’s such a square!”

Later the brain warns them to “brace for impact” and the duo act out a very familiar scenario for men, before ending on a happy note about them “never being so comfortable” and zooms out to an image of a man in his underpants.

Releasing the 107-second ad, made by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Bonds says on its blog that
“we’ve gone where no other undie brand has gone before to take a peek at life inside a bloke’s undies.

“There’s a lot going on down there that the ‘the boys’ have to put up with”.

Bonds says more in the series will be released in the weeks ahead.

Watch The Boys Part 1 below: