Australia's most famous footwear brand is now making $545 gold boots

The RM Williams metallic gold boots. Source: supplied

RM Williams has pimped up its famous boots, putting some bling in the outback footwear with a metallic gold version for women.

At $545, the boots are no more expensive than the others in the long-running Adelaide range for women, and are in the customary single piece of leather. But there is a catch: they’re only available online, and there’s an 8-week wait for delivery.

“The Adelaide features a feminine toe shape, a lower height profile giving an elegant line into the ankle and a tapered heel with a rubber grip heel piece,” the company says.

The style also comes in suede and the gold version is a relative steal compared to the $695 burnished leather version.

Of course the company has come a long way since it was founded by Adelaide bootmaker Reginald Murray Williams in 1932. The bushman come millionaire’s name became synonymous with an Australian outback look that became a fashion style in its own right, with his handcrafted boots and moleskin trousers becoming part of the nation’s political dress, especially whenever an MP went bush.

Williams died in 2003, aged 95, but it’s no surprise that the company bearing his name, once aimed at cattlemen, is now a little more haute couture, since the business is now owned by the French luxury goods and alcohol giant LVMH, of Louis Vuitton fame.

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