Australia's huge construction union just struck a deal for 20% pay increases over 4 years

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One of Australia’s biggest contractors, Lendlease, has reached a new pay deal with the Construction Forestry, Mining and Energy Union which will result in 20% in pay rises over four years.

Other elements include annual increases in allowances, 10 days of paid domestic violence leave in five states, a 36-hour week and rostered days off.

The wage increases sit far above the average annual wage growth in Australia at just 2.1%, following a trend of low wage growth around the world.

It’s an unprecedented deal with the union.

Under the agreement the domestic violence leave follows a set of entitlement criteria which reflects current Australian legislation requiring employers to create workplace environments that are safe and free from violence, discrimination and harassment.

A controversial new pay deal for the ABC also recently entitled staff to seven days domestic violence leave.

Also under the ABC arrangement, 5000 workers will get a pay rise of 2 per cent per year for the three year deal.

The deal with Lendlease is the first time the union has agreed to move away from a nation-wide enterprise agreement and negotiate largely state by state deals.

Under this deal, one agreement will cover NSW, Victoria and the ACT, another for West Australia and another for South Australia.

The Australian has more.

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