Australia's giant Gladstone LNG project is about to make its maiden delivery

A LNG tanker at Karratha, Western Australia. Image: Woodside.

After more than four years of construction, Australia’s giant Gladstone liquified natural gas project (GLNG), a joint partnership between Santos, Petronas, Total and KOGAS, is about to make its maiden LNG delivery.

The venture, involving a 420km gas transmission pipeline that will transport coal seam gas from the Surat and Bowen basins to an LNG conversion plant on Curtis Island, will have the capacity to produce 7.8 million tonnes of LNG each year when fully operational.

Since 2009 there have been eight major LNG projects under construction across Australia, costing more than $220 billion to build. When fully operational, they have the potential to produce 85 million tonnes of LNG per annum which, according to HSBC Australia, will add around 0.6 percentage points to Australian GDP each year until 2018.

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