Australia's first startup accelerator for the creative industries has launched at Myriad

Collider’s Mike Gustowski. (Source: supplied)

The torrential downpour in Brisbane that saw the Myriad startup festival cancel its activities mid-stride has not stopped the planned launch of Australia’s first accelerator designed for creative tech startups.

The new Collider Accelerator Program, revealed at Myriad today, states that it will target ventures involved in areas such as “wearable technology, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics, games, interactive content, music tech, IoT, film and digital media”.

Creative Enterprise Australia executive manager Mark Gustowski said that the creative industries contribute $90 billion to the nation’s economy each year but seemed to have been neglected in the entrepreneurial sector.

“We know there are already successful creative tech accelerators run in the UK and USA, so we are looking forward to delivering a first for Australia,” he said.

The accelerator was launched by Queensland University of Technology’s Creative Enterprise Australia fund, which invests up to $150,000 in creative startups as well as providing facilities. The fund has raised more than $65 million in capital since 2008, already runs a fashion-orientated accelerator and previously made headlines for backing deep learning company TrademarkVision through to big wins in Europe and Australia.

Queensland government’s $400 million Advance Queensland innovation agenda also supported the birth of Collider.

Collider will run for five months from June, with the first 12 weeks focusing on content delivery then a further optional eight weeks for implementation and growth. The selected ventures will also receive seed capital of $20,000 each.

“Technology is everything these days, and we want to be able to support entrepreneurs with creative ideas to fuse with technology to build a commercial model that will be sustainable in this digital age,” said Gustowski.

The journalist travelled to Brisbane courtesy of the Queensland government.

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