Australian finance Twitter just got better with Westpac's finest analysts signing up

Ever wanted to ask a question to your favourite economist or strategist?

Westpac offers some of the country’s best economic analysis alongside its home loans and credit cars and the top echelons of the economics and markets team are now on Twitter.

Business Insider has had a trawl around to find the best. They’re all our favourites and deserve bigger followings, because when they tweet, it’s worth read.

Following Sean Callow (@seandcallow), Senior Currency Strategist, who joined Twitter late last year, many of his compatriots have now followed suit.

Here’s just some of Westpac’s senior team who have recently joined him in the Twittersphere:

Justin Smirk (@macrojustin), Senior Economist.

Huw Mackay (@RealPhatDragon), Executive Director and Senior Economist.

James Shugg (@JamesShugg), their London-based Economist.

Robert Rennie (@RobertRrennie), Global Head of Market Strategy.

Taking it one step further, Westpac Economics Department, @westpacmacro, also joined earlier today.

With everyone joining around him the only question that remains is how long until we see Bill Evans, Westpac’s Chief Economist, live-tweeting an RBA monetary policy decision?

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