Australia's Family Feud Is In Hot Water After Asking A Question About 'Annoying Cyclists'

Picture: Channel Ten

The Australian version of Family Feud went where few dared to go this week by asking its audience “What’s something annoying a cyclist might do?”

Almost immediately, Ten and Family Feud host Grant Denyer were facing a barrage of hate from cyclists on social media furious at the airing of the “shocking” question.

“We are all someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter,” Australian Cycle Alliance president Edward Hore told the Sydney Morning Herald, claiming it was “stupid attempt at ratings”.

“Seriously, the hatred against cyclists has to stop.”

The most popular responses among the 100-strong studio audience were “Taking driving lane” and “Cut you off”.

“Everything” was a solid third and the studio took on a Colisseum-like feel as the audience called them off.

Cyclists didn’t find it amusing.

“The next time a cyclist gets killed on the road you’ll have to live with knowledge that your partly responsible for the death of a fellow human,” one commented on the show’s Facebook page.

Network Ten apologised for any offence it caused, saying the results “are determined by a survey of 100 Australians and we understand they are not necessarily reflective of all Australians”.

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