Australia's 10 highest paid CEOs in the ASX 100

Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse.

The Australian Council of Superannuation Investors, representing 29 member funds collectively managing $480 billion in assets, has just released its 15th annual study of CEO Pay in ASX 200 companies.

It has found that base pay is falling at the top. The median top 100 CEO’s fixed pay was down 5.2% to $1.72 million and the median for the ASX 101-200 fell 5.1% to $883,000.

However, the addition of shares and bonuses made a big difference.

The study found that median realised pay — base pay plus the the value of shares cashed in during the year rather than the theoretical accounting value included in official remuneration reports — for the top 100 was down 2% to $3.88 million.

The highest realised pay was $24.75 million between Westfield’s co-CEOs, Peter and Steven Lowy. They run the property company co-founded by their father, billionaire Frank Lowy.

Ramsay Health Care CEO Chris Rex, who had the highest realised pay in 2014 with $30.8 million, was still among the highest with $15.4 million.

The highest-paid individual CEO on a realised basis was Seek’s co-founder and CEO Andrew Bassat at $19.39 million.

The highest on a reported basis — the number reported to shareholders — was Macquarie’s Nicholas Moore at $16.5 million.

Here are the 10 highest-paid CEOs based on the cash they actually raked in during the 12 months.


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