Australians turn up to the office but their motivation is increasingly on holiday

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Australians employees are silently quitting in their seats, putting in less intense effort into their work, according to latest research.

The June quarter CEB Global Talent Monitor shows employee discretionary effort falling to 19% from 21%.

“In the ideal workplace, you’d have highly engaged workers with high intent-to-stay or you’d have the opportunity to trade up if you have disengaged workers with low intent-to-stay,” says Aaron McEwan, HR advisory leader at CEB, an insight and technology company.

“However, in Australia we have a mismatch caused by political turmoil and economic uncertainty. This has left most employees afraid to risk a move elsewhere right now.

“In fact, they are they are silently striking which can negatively impact overall productivity and business outcomes. There is an opportunity for employers to re-engage staff and demonstrate why existing relationships are worth maintaining.”

This chart shows the level of effort:

Source: CEB

McEwan says employers should focus their efforts on what really matters to Australian workers right now, which is people management and future career opportunities.

To reinvigorate the workforce, CEB recommends managers have informal career-pathing discussions to rebuild employee trust and get workers motivated.

In Australian, workers are more motivated by other factors than just money. They rate work/life balance first, followed by the location of the office and the respect they receive in the workplace.

Internationally, workers rate pay first, followed by work/life balance and stability.

Global Talent Monitor data is drawn from CEB’s larger Global Labor Market Survey which is made up of more than 20,000 employees in 40 countries. The survey is conducted quarterly.

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