Australians Spent $14.7 Billion Online In 2013

Getty/Sean Gallup

The NAB Online sales index for December was released this morning and showed that the strong growth momentum in this sector continued. Although the fact that December is usually a strong month dragged the non-seasonally adjusted index down a little from the recent highs the seasonally adjusted measure increased to 240 which is a record high.

Trends are now positive for most categories according to the NAB with year on year growth of 12.6% for the full index in December for a total dollar value of $14.7 billion during 2013.

Even though the NAB points out online sales only make up about 6.5% of total sales, bricks and mortar retail stores, which have been averaging 0.6% growth per month recently against 3 month average terms of 1.58% online, would likely kill for the sort of sales growth that is being seen online. Increasingly, as Myer and other companies have done with mixed success, they will have to migrate to cyberspace to maintain sales let alone grow.

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