Australians check their social media feeds up to 10 times a day at work

Christoph Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images
  • About half of Australians check social media at work up to 10 times a day
  • And many who are distracted by social media at work say they would check it less if they were happier at work.
  • A third (32%) admit to being regularly distracted by their phone at work.

One in two (52%) Australians admit to be distracted by their smartphone or social media when they’re at work, according to research by Rise, the workplace meaning and happiness consultancy.

And they say they would be less distracted if they felt happier at work.

“As technology becomes more prevalent in people’s lives, the use of smartphones and social media during working hours is only likely to increase,” says Ross Reekie, founder of Rise.

“However, it’s clear from the research that if people feel happier at work they will be more engaged and focused, so get less distracted.”

The survey of 1001 employed Australians aged 18 to 65 found a third (32%) were regularly distracted by their smartphones and social media at work. More than half (51%) check their phones or social feeds up to 10 times a day.

Nearly a quarter (24%) admitting that they spend up to one and a half hours distracted every working day, and seven out of 10 (69%) spend at least half an hour on their smartphones or social media.

“Whilst distractions in the workplace occur, not all distractions should be viewed negatively as some can encourage people to have a chat and connect with each other over the latest news or funny memes,” says Ross Reekie.

“When workers are distracted too often or for too long, it indicates that they may be unhappy in their work, this often results in a lack of motivation to get work done and has a knock-on effect on a company’s success.

“By making meaning and happiness of employees a business priority, leaders can ensure higher levels of engagement, commitment and productivity.”

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