Australians seem to be happier with their telcos

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Telco complaints are down across the board, but slow broadband data speeds are still a big problem according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s latest report.

The TIO’S quarterly data for July to September 2015 shows that overall complaint numbers for telcos was 26,023, down from 30,539 for the same time last year.

That number is a nine-year low, with the lowest number of complaints since the same quarter in 2006 when the TIO received 21,250 complaints.

Mobile networks are mostly responsible for the big drop, with service complaints around coverage and excess data charges dropping significantly.

What Aussies are complaining about, Source: TIO

The 1,663 new complaints around broadband speeds is 66.3% more than the same time last year. The huge jump is likely due to the increase of bandwidth used by consumers as more data intensive tasks such as video streaming become popular.

Delays in connecting new NBN services, which has traditionally been a high complaints area, is also down 14%.

In mobile, Vodafone has showed the biggest drop in complaints, dropping from over 14,000 in the same period last year to just 2,081 in the most recent period. Telstra has also had a huge drop, going from 13,518 complaints 12 months ago to now just 4,222 in the most recent quarter. Optus also had a modest drop going from 4,522 complaints to 2,711.

Vodafone’s director of customer service Errol Van Graan told Business Insider that:

“It’s pleasing to achieve a 55 per cent decrease in complaints in just six months and the lowest number of mobile complaints of the major telcos because it means we are delivering more of what our customers want.”

A spokesperson for Telstra added:

“We’re pleased to again see a reduction in complaints to the TIO. Our complaints for Q1 2015 are approximately 16 percent lower than in the same period in 2014 despite continuing to grow our total customer numbers.”

And Optus was equally as pleased, saying:

“Optus continues to implement strategies to improve the experience for both our mobile and fixed customers. We are pleased to see the initiatives we have recently implemented are already helping reduce the level of complaints received.”

It’s worth noting that the in-context numbers, which show complaints per 10,000 services, won’t be out until Thursday. Last quarter, Telstra had the best numbers there with just 6 complaints per 10,000 services.

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